Youth Theatre-Programs

Mahogany Ensemble Youth Theatre provides a variety of creative programs and services that focuses on the talents of area youth and young adults, ages 5-25. Throughout each season, young actors have the opportunity to hone their skills with a variety of training workshops, as well as showcase their talents in MET mainstage, youth theatre, summer musicals, and community skit presentations.

Young Gifted & Black Theatre Troupe a
division of Mahogany Ensemble Theatre is designed to nurture the next generation of young actors by providing a quality artistic environment for creative expression in theatre with cultural, traditional, and social awareness significance.

Keepers of Culture is an artistic mentoring program that serves as the platform to cultivate the next generation of cultural and creative workers through direct expose and interactions with professional artists, arts organizations, and individuals that will offer guidance, training opportunities and leadership experiences.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratory Competition & Youth Leadership Award is an annual event honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the rich Civil Rights heritage in Northwest Louisiana through the art of oratorical presentation, while showcasing the art or public speaking and leadership in area youth.

The oratory contest is open to youth ages 3rd-12th
and the leadership award is open to young adults ages 16-21.

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